5 Wedding Tips About Adding Lighting to Your Decorations

Lighting will add to your beautiful wedding.  Wedding colors of all shades can be used to highlight and compliment any venue!


Tip 1… Add lighting in your exact colors.  This might be an obvious one, yet you will want to make sure that the colour your request is the colour you get.  Lighting today allows the designer to make a perfect shade using the technology within the light.  Mix it perfectly!

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Mandy_Wark_Photography-Victoria_Inn_Brandon-Head_Table_HighlightingPhoto Credit above image: Mandy Wark Photography at the Victoria Inn, Brandon

Tip 2… If you really want your centerpieces to pop, use a light to highlight each one.  This is WAY more affordable than you may think (likely under $300), and will really bring out the colours in flowers and decorations, and make signage easier to read in a dimly lit room.

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Mandy_Wark_Photography-Victoria_Inn_Brandon-Centre_Piece_HightlightingPhoto Credit above image: Mandy Wark Photography at the Victoria Inn, Brandon

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Mark_Willis_Photography-Dauphin_Manitoba-Selo_Hall-Center_Piece_Highlight-Party_ProfessionalsPhoto Credit above image: Mark Willis Photography at the Selo Ukrainian Hall, Dauphin

Tip 3… Use Up Lighting to bring life to plain walls.  Up Lighting will give character and depth to a basic surface.  Straight up, or angled, let our team get creative with it and see what can come of it!Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Mark_Willis_Photography-Dauphin_Manitoba-Selo_Hall-Up_Lighting-Party_ProfessionalsPhoto Credit above image: Mark Willis Photography at the Selo Ukrainian Hall, Dauphin

Tip 4… DIM THOSE CHANDELIERS!   If your decorator will allow it, dim any chandeliers and handing lights.  This will create a warm light and ambience, and bring a much more romantic feel to your space.  Depending on the wattage, turning ceiling and fill lighting back to 40, 50 or even 60 of the full brightness will give the fixtures a beautiful glow.

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Hawthorn_Images-Clarion_Hotel_Brandon-Up-Lighting-Party_ProfessionalsPhoto Credit above image: Hawthorn Images at the Clarion Hotel Brandon

Tip 5… When using a wedding monogram such as the bride and groom’s initials, (static or animated like the one below), make sure the the fixture is bright enough to illuminate it enough to be seen.  Again, it may sound obvious, but its one of those things you want to ensure.  Texture a wall, cake or bar area.  Placing a monogram on a dance floor will be beautiful, just remember that it will disappear when people make their way onto it!

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Mandy_Wark_Photography-Victoria_Inn_Brandon-Weddin_MonogramPhoto Credit above image: Mandy Wark Photography at the Victoria Inn, Brandon


Arden Destination Wedding for Annabelle and Francis

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Lil_Creek_Photography_Annabelle_and_Francis-Arden_Manitoba-GirlsWorking with Annabelle & Francis was such a treat, and an honour at that!  To be chosen to DJ their destination wedding 1,810 miles from their home was exceptionally humbling, and made us want to work for them that much harder!

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Lil_Creek_Photography_Annabelle_and_Francis-Arden_Manitoba-CoupleExpressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Lil_Creek_Photography_Annabelle_and_Francis-Arden_Manitoba-Wedding_RingsTheir MC and DJ was Expressions Entertainment’s Bryan Podworny, and when combined with the incredibly skilled Ruth Loewen of Enchanted Moments Couture & Events, things went smooth as silk!

Brooke Clayton of Lil’ Creek Photography captured the amazing memories, as did Jon and the JKuizon Films crew, who also looked after the photo booth.

Expressions_Entertainment-Manitoba_Wedding_DJ-Lil_Creek_Photography_Annabelle_and_Francis-Arden_Manitoba-Couple2It was a touching outdoor ceremony, complete with personally written and delivered vows.  Before the brief dance party, there was an amazing, Italian inspired gourmet meal by Ben Hernandez and the great staff of Benny’s Restaurant and Catering.


Under prairie stars, Annabelle & Francis danced their very first dance as husband & wife to Beautiful by Jim Brickman feat Wayne Brady.  If you have yet to hear this version… do yourself a favor and click and listen, it’s pretty awesome!

All photos courtesy of Lil Creek Photography

Tundra Oil Place Virden Wedding for Terrilyne & Scott

Expressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_Outdoors_Scott-TerrilyneTo say that Terrilyne & Scott’s wedding was a highlight of the fall of 2018 would be an understatement.

Expressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_Ceremony_Scott-TerrilyneTheir ceremony was held at Victoria Park, and the reception was held at Virden’s Tundra Oil & Gas Place, it showcased two people with something very special… LOVE!  And, they have so much fun being in it!

Expressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_Kissing-activity_Scott-TerrilyneBryan Podworny acted on their behalf as their Expressions Entertainment MC and DJ.  The party was filled with laughter and fun.

Expressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_Grand-Entrance_Scott-TerrilyneExpressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_wedding-party-introduction_Scott-TerrilyneExpressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_Guests-interaction_Scott-TerrilyneExpressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_bride-groom-kiss_Scott-TerrilyneScott Young of Hawthorn Images did a great job of capturing the day’s events.

Expressions-Entertainment_Manitoba-Wedding-DJ_Hawthorn-Images_Virden_Love-Story_Scott-Terrilyne.jpgScott’s version of their Love Story included a special surprise video sent by Terrilyne’s favorite country music artist, Chris Lane.  It left her blown away!, and led into a first dance that EVERYONE watched from beginning to end, danced to the song That’s When You Know by Chris Buck Band ft. Kira Isabella.


The dance party was for everyone, and they made sure to include all the younger guests as much as they could.  They even did a special toss just for the kids!

All images copyright Hawthorn Images.